Dotted scallop Removable wall paper tile - Wall Paper

Dotted scallop Removable wall paper tile - Wall Paper

$ 37.50 USD

Spruce up any dull wall with removable wall paper. The removable wall paper is sold in individual 24"h x 48" tiles. The ease of removal is much more convenient than traditional wall paper. In the style picture there is more than one tile on the wall. Cover the wall with several tiles or cover the back of book shelves. You can wrap almost anything with these tiles. Spruce up a dingy door or cover a table top.


METALLIC colors not available for this listing

Please note that the install level is slightly difficult on the wall paper tiles. We have tutorials on our FAQ page that you may refer to for instructions.-100% polyester fabric self adhesive vinyl -HP Latex Inks-For best result do not use on textured walls or walls painted with flat paint.

To clean use damp cloth and warm water. All of our products are made to order. We do this to insure that you are getting a brand new wall decal that hasn't been sitting on the shelf or in a ware house for ages.