Colored walls and wall decals.... wait, what?

Most people think wall decals are for solely white walls.  Don't get me wrong, they look great on white walls but they can look great on colored walls too!  There are so many ways to use decals on colored walls that can totally transform your space!  


Tonal Wall Decals 

If you are going for more of a subtle accent wall, you can just add a decal that is a couple shades lighter or darker than your wall shade.  It will add interest and depth with out being too overpowering!  Here we used our hand drawn tiny hills wall decal 


Look how the lovely @houseof_rodgers made a subtle statement wall in her girls beautiful bedroom!



Dark Walls - 

 Dark walls can be intimidating when it comes to adding details, artwork, or accents.  I admit, I struggle with this too.  There are ways to add accents with wall decals that add just the right amount of color and design to not make the dark wall seem to overwhelming.  Above we used our hollow hand drawn triangles in light mint on a dark grey wall.  


 I have always toyed with the idea of a black wall in my house and this amazing space by the lovely and clever mama @ddletterpress has just made up my mind for me. Not to mention the little cutie pie hiding out just makes the room that much better.  It just looks so very amazing!  Our forest compilation wall decals look so great!

If you have a dark wall, you can always add TONS of color to make it bright and inviting just like styling maven @fourcheekymonkeys has done here!  She accented her walls with just  a half wall of tiny hand drawn dot decals and it adds just enough color to bright up the wall!


Half Walls- 

Half painted walls are ALL THE RAGE  in interior trends right now.  Spice up that half wall by adding wall decals!  You can add them in several different ways.  

The ever so talented @wholechildinteriors added a border detail with out origami T-rex decals.  You do not have to cover the whole wall, accents are just as good!

Another amazing example of border details by @erika.klavins.  She customized our random colored sprinkles and they fit in to her little's nursery perfectly.  They soften up the dark wall and bring the room together!

How beautiful is this nursery?  Our extra tiny wall triangle decals add just enough pop and interest on this half wall! @romy.dickson took it above and beyond!


Bright Walls-

 Always love seeing bright, beautiful colors on walls.  These are no exception!  @emilysplatt and @fourhceekymonkeys took these beautifully colored walls  added white accents that make it even brighter!  

We hope we inspired you to add a little more detail to your beautiful spaces and not be afraid of color!  COLOR is awesome!