Coastal Textures - Lovely Wall Co. Weekly Trends

Coastal Textures - Lovely Wall Co. Weekly Trends

Picture a crazy person running around in 400 different directions with her hair flying around and with vinyl sticking to her pants - and you would have me pegged! I have a lengthy "to-do" list and my most favorite thing on that list always get's pushed to the end.  No longer will designing new sticky goodness be on the back burner!  Every week we are putting together trend boards and will design at least 5 new designs each week that correspond with the trends we are loving.  



Our first trend is Coastal Textures.  An airy, beachy vibe full of texture and bright pastels.  Organic shapes and winged creatures are the main features of this trend. 


 Our descending triangles adds organic geometric shapes in a fun way!  

 This design reminds me of little air bubbles that would be found in the ocean and fits in perfectly with our airy, beachy trend. 


Speaking of Airy themes, we designed these "Free Bird" decals in fun colors to represent the winged creatures in a fun and whimsical way!

You can never go wrong with organicly shaped circles in neutral colors.  They fit in any space and any style. 



Whenever you have a trend that has organic shapes it is impossible not to design a free flowing stripe!  This design is great is because you can put it in all sorts of layouts!


Apparently, I am LOVING organically shaped circles in this trend but they are just so versatile.  Here they work so well in this removable wall paper!