5 Shared Room Ideas using Wall Decals - Kid's Edition

5 Shared Room Ideas using Wall Decals - Kid's Edition

I think we can all agree that shared rooms for the littles can be tough to decorate in a way that suits both kiddos!  Here are 5 examples of some amazing shared rooms to give you some amazing inspiration…

1.  One way to start designing a shared room is to pick a color scheme and then find art, objects, and accents specific to each little ones interests in those colors.  In this amazing space, the metallic gold/aqua/pink theme works so well together!
decals are tiny hand drawn dots in metallic gold
📷 and room design by @fourcheekymonkeys

2.  If you are looking for a truly neutral space, combining a number of neutral colors cia the way to go.  This space shows you the perfect balance of pattern and color!
Decals are ripped confetti in camel

3.  We often get asked for shared room inspiration that includes a toddler bed and a crib.  Look no further than this amazingly playful and happy space.  The use of yellow decals and colorful patterns work so well together.
📷 @victor_fox_design
decals are ripped confetti in mustard

4. Gender neutral spaces can be super tricky.  This shared space shows how to make it work for both little ones in such a fun way.  Rainbow colors and stars work perfectly together!
📷 @amandaeskridgephotography
decals are scattered stars in black 

Usually shared rooms and bunk beds go hand in hand.  This space shows how to incorporate a bunk bed in a fun and modern way.  
Decals are wonky w’s in black.

Shared rooms don’t have to be complicated!  Hopefully we inspired you to create a beautiful space💛.