Color your walls happy!  How to add multi colored decals to your space.

Color your walls happy! How to add multi colored decals to your space.

 When you think of multi colored decals, you may think OH, that is too much color for one wall!  I have to admit, I sometimes think that too but when they are used in the right way, multi colored decals add SO much happy to your space!
This is certainly a dreamy and wonderfully happy space that uses bright colors in a subtly and beautiful way.  @urbanbabyshop  You would think that all of these colors would overwhelm a space, but it adds great interest and detail. 
Photo Credit - @urbanbabyshop
Wonderfully colorful artwork adds so much to a room and when you pair the colorful artwork with colorful decals brings such an impact to a space.  
Photo Credit - @ourfavouritecolourisrainbow 
Playrooms are meant to be fun and playful and when a fun color palette is used it invokes imagination.  This beautifully done play space by @thislittlelove_au is the perfect example of an imaginative space. 
Yellow is said to be the happiest color and when paired with multi colored dots it can certainly is very happy!  
Photo Credit - @asshetonhouse
Playrooms are the perfect place to infuse some color and this space is a perfect example of that!  
Photo Credit - @zaq_household
When we say multi colored wall decals, we don't just mean bright colors.  Muted colors are a great way to inject a calm feeling into a space.  This is a boho dream of a space.
When we say multi colored- it doesn't have to be rainbow colors.  It can be muted yet still fun and playful!
Photo Credit - @homeJames_
 As you can see, multi colored wall art truly can add so much fun and interest to any space.