Easy Laundry Room Wall Upgrades

Easy Laundry Room Wall Upgrades

Let's be honest, we all spend an inordinate amount of time doing laundry.  I firmly believe that we should make the rooms we spend the most time in warm and inviting, including the laundry room!  

An easy way to update your laundry room walls in a matter of minutes is to throw some decals up on the wall!  Scroll on down to see how our amazing customers have updated their laundry spaces.

A little stripe detail never hurt a wall and this laundry room is included!  The combination of white, black and natural would tones are just so fun!

Photo Credit: @homesweetforest

Decals are marked stripes in black

You do not have to have a whole room dedicated to your laundry space for it to be beautiful and functional!  Check out this laundry closet by @cordscreek, it is so clever!

Photo Credit- @cordscreek

Decals - sweet leaf decals in black

Fun details can make a space so fun!  The decal layout and functional storage are just so good.

Photo Credit - @kalijograff

Decals are wonky stripes in black

A lot of the time, our laundry spaces serve as other spaces as well.  Like Mudrooms, pantries, kitchens, etc.  A good way to unify the space is to add a cool feature wall like @Jennkimble did so beautifully here!

Photo Credit - @Jennkimble

Decals are marked stripes


As you can see, it is super easy to easily upgrade your laundry space with a few fun details.  Happy Decorating!