Do Wall Decals work in Bathrooms?

Do Wall Decals work in Bathrooms?

The questions that I get asked most often have to do with wall decals and bathrooms and whether they will work. 

The good news is that they do work!  With attention to the below tips + tricks, they will work wonderfully in your bathroom!

Tips + Tricks for Decals in Bathrooms:

  • Make sure your space is properly ventilated.  Vents and windows are great options for this.
  • Be sure to put your decals on a wall that isn't getting wet on a daily basis.  Getting wet once in a while, is totally fine.  
  • Typically, smaller decal sizes will work better in bathrooms.  We would advise against using the larger decals in bathrooms. 
  • We would advise against using the decals on tile.

If the above is followed, the decals will work great.  They are a great way to update your bathroom. 

See below for some amazing bathroom Inspiration from our wonderful customers!

Photo Credit - @_meganrichardson_

Decals - Muted Terrazzo

Decals - Watercolor Leaves

Photo Credit - @textureddecor

Decals - Palm Fronds in deep ocean


As always if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!