10 Totally Rad Boy's Room Ideas

10 Totally Rad Boy's Room Ideas

As a mama of a 10 year old boy, I know all too well how hard it is to make a fun yet stylish boys room.  Super heroes, dinosaurs, and space are made to look just amazing by some talented mama's. 

 Here are 10 awesome boys rooms that make me swoon!


1.  RAWR - Check out this oh so roarsome room.  It doesn't feel too kitchy or forced, just fun and fresh.  

Photo Credit - @anne.warwick

Decals: Origami Trex in black

2.  If the minimalist look is what you are going for, take a look at this amazing room by @charlotteandtheo using our tiny hand drawn dot decal.  

Photo Credit - @charlotteandtheo

Decals: Tiny Hand Drawn Dots in Grey


3.  Boys room heaven includes super heroes, cars, donuts, and this space includes it all!  @petiteinteriorco is a genius. 

Photo Credit: @petiteinteriorco

Decals: Outlined Triangles

4.  This room is mature yet playful and inviting!  It certainly checks  all my boxes for what an older boys room should be.  

Decals- Hollow Hand Drawn Triangles in grey

5.  This is the cutest corner in all the land!  The colors, patterns and textures make for such a special and unique space!

Photo Credit - @chelseakate__

Decals- Modern Terrazzo Decals


6.  Oh we all know that decorating older boys rooms can be a huge undertaking and quite a doozy if I am being honest!  This amazing monochromatic room should be the benchmark for all pre-teen boy rooms. 


Photo Credit- @Sarah.Wetzel202

Decals - wonky stripes in black

7. Having a theme is always fun, but when it is done in such a tasteful way it can carry the little on through many years.  This animal themed room is fun yet trendy!

Photo Credit - @little_love_interiors

Decals - Marked Stripes in black


8.  Uh, how amazing is this space?!  Perfect mix of trendy decor and playful accents. Outline triangles for the win. 

Decals - Outlined Triangles

9.  Any scandi design lovers out there?  I know I sure am, and this space is the epitome of great scandinavian design. 

Photo Credit - Nic.olynch

Decals -Outlined Crowns in Black


10.  Shoot for the stars, little man. Our scattered stars decals have never looked better!  @amandaeskridge is one talented mama. 

Photo Credit - @amandaeskridge

Decals-  Scattered Stars in Black