10 Swoon Worthy Girls Room Ideas

10 Swoon Worthy Girls Room Ideas

We are always looking for new and fresh ways to update girls rooms and here are 10 rooms to help inspire you to make your little ladies room a dream come true!


1.  How much fun is this beautiful and colorful space by the ever so talented @fourcheekymonkeys ?  All of the colors and patterns work so well and our tiny hand drawn dot decals really help break up the dark wall.  

Photo Credit - @fourcheekymonkeys

Decals - Tiny Hand Drawn Dots in White

2.  Reaching for the stars has never been so easy when you have a clever mama like @amandaeskridge .  She took our Scattered Stars decal and truly made a magical wall for her little lady. 

Photo Credit - @amandaeskridge

Decals - Scattered Stars in black

3.  Rainbows are always a wonderful go to for any little ladies room.  This amazingly muted yet so fun room is a little girls dream!

Photo Credit - @quincystreetcollection

Decals - Boho Rainbows in rosy

4.  Have a girlie little lady who loves all things pink, fluffy, and magical?  This space is perfect. Subtle accents of tiny decal hearts go amazingly well with all of the amazing details.

Photo Credit - @nic.olynch

Decals - Micro Hearts in black


5.  Colorful, magical, dreamy, playful.  This room encompasses all of that and more.  @urbanbaby is an amazing little shop for the little ones to find unique decor and magical finds for your littles.  

Photo Credit - @urbanbabyshop

Decals - Playtime tiny hand drawn dots 

6.  Pretty sure this is desk heaven.  Tiny details of color and shapes of furniture can make for an amazing space.  @thislittleloveau  makes these incredible house desks/beds/bookshelves. Our sweet magical starbursts are among amazing company. 

Photo Credit - @thislittleloveau

Decals - Ice Cream Marker Starbursts

7.  A little one's space should be inspiring and happy and I believe this room takes the cake.  @fourcheekymonkeys is so incredibly talented at creating magical spaces for her littles.  Our tiny hand drawn dots are so very lucky to be included.

Photo Credit - @fourcheekymonkeys

Decals - Tiny hand drawn dots in metallic gold 


8.    Well, if you are looking for the happiest wall in all the world; we found it for you!  This oh so colorful and happy wall will make anyone smile.


Photo Credit - @thefestiveco

Decals - Bright Construction Cutouts


9.  Neutral, classy details are perfect for the minimalist in us all.  Muted feature walls still can make a huge impact and really brighten up a room. 

Photo Credit - @lanadmitruks

Decals - Construction Cutouts in Dusted Peach


10.  Totally girl heaven.   All of the best details, textures, and colors for the little lady.  So much goodness in one room.   

Decals- Tiny hand drawn dots in black


As you can see, these spaces are so fun and will inspire the best spaces!  Happy Decorating!