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    Lovely Wall Company Blog

    Girls Nursery Decor Inspiration

    Sweet Explorers Girl Nursery Mood Board

    In an effort to show you new and fun ways to use our sticky goodness and inspire you to make your home a happy place - I love to put together mood boards with a certain theme in mind for different spaces in a home. 
    Today, we have Sweet Explorers - a nursery filled with fun art, organic shapes and a soothing color palette with pops of happy colors and fun textures. 




    Coastal Textures - Lovely Wall Co. Weekly Trends

    Coastal Textures - Lovely Wall Co. Weekly Trends

    Picture a crazy person running around in 400 different directions with her hair flying around and with vinyl sticking to her pants - and you would have me pegged! I have a lengthy "to-do" list and my most favorite thing on that list always get's pushed to the end.  No longer will designing new sticky goodness be on the back burner!  Every week we are putting together trend boards and will design at least 5 new designs each week that correspond with the trends we are loving.  



    Our first trend is Coastal Textures.  An airy, beachy vibe full of texture and bright pastels.  Organic shapes and winged creatures are the main features of this trend. 


     Our descending triangles adds organic geometric shapes in a fun way!  

     This design reminds me of little air bubbles that would be found in the ocean and fits in perfectly with our airy, beachy trend. 


    Speaking of Airy themes, we designed these "Free Bird" decals in fun colors to represent the winged creatures in a fun and whimsical way!

    You can never go wrong with organicly shaped circles in neutral colors.  They fit in any space and any style. 



    Whenever you have a trend that has organic shapes it is impossible not to design a free flowing stripe!  This design is great is because you can put it in all sorts of layouts!


    Apparently, I am LOVING organically shaped circles in this trend but they are just so versatile.  Here they work so well in this removable wall paper!

    Color your walls happy!How to add multi colored decals to your space!

    Color your walls happy!How to add multi colored decals to your space!

     When you think of multi colored decals, you may think OH, that is too much color for one wall!  I have to admit, I sometimes think that too but when they are used in the right way, multi colored decals add SO much happy to your space!
    This is certainly a dreamy and wonderfully happy space that uses bright colors in a subtly and beautiful way.  @urbanbabyshop  You would think that all of these colors would overwhelm a space, but it adds great interest and detail. 
    Wonderfully colorful artwork adds so much to a room and when you pair the colorful artwork with colorful decals brings such an impact to a space.  @hidesleepinteriors really understands colors and composition.  
    Decal used - Random Sprinkles 
    Playrooms are meant to be fun and playful and when a fun color palette is used it invokes imagination.  This beautifully done play space by @thislittlelove_au is the perfect example of an imaginative space. 
    Neutrals work in any space and when you add different tones of neutrals, it provides subtle detail and interest!  
    Decals used - Playful Triangles  in custom colors.
    The colors in a room can speak to the personalities of the inhabitants and these little guys are bright and playful just like their wall!  
    Decal Used - Boys Confetti Dots 
    When we say multi colored wall decals, we don't just mean bright colors.  Muted colors are a great way to inject a calm feeling into a space.  This is a boho dream of a space.
     As you can see, multi colored wall art truly can add so much fun and interest to any space.  

    15 unique and fresh nursery ideas featuring wall decals!

    15 unique and fresh nursery ideas featuring wall decals!

    When creating a space to bring your brand new little one home, you want a space that is unique to your family and that makes you feel happy.  Wall decals can help you achieve this in the simplest way.  Removable wall decor that makes a big impact with out the big commitment, perfect for growing little ones.  


    I have pulled together a round up of 15 of my favorite nurseries that our customers have put together using our wall decals to show just how versatile and fun they can be.


    1.  The ever amazing @thislittlelove_au is a master stylist and hard working mama that put together this amazing nursery for her little man.  She used our tiny hand drawn dots in slate to add fun color and texture to this amazing detail filled nursery.

    2.  The lovely @mamaandherboyboys created this calm and serene nursery using a gorgeous gray wall with our white outlined triangles.  

    3.  Looking for a way to make a bold and graphic statement?  Look no further than this piece of graphic wall heaven.  @racheltroyan used our triangles in black to create this bold wall that would engage her little one.  

    4.  Beautiful mama of the lovely account  @stockwell_menagerie created this lovely wall for her little lady.  Neutral with a hint of metallic goodness is my jam!  She took our tiny hand drawn dot  decals in metallic gold and created some sticky magic!


    5.   @erika.klavins put together this amazing fun and inspiring nursery using a set of our random sprinkles in custom colors!  She used a two tone wall and used decals as a border and it turned out so very good!

    6.  So, one of my favorite children's decor designers is the lovely Jacinda of @hideandsleep_interiors .  She has created this show room space featuring this amazing furniture by @greencathedral and has used our tiny bows wall decal to designate the nursery space.  It is a great idea for a shared room!



    7. This dream of a boho/scandi inspired nursery by the lovely mama @kate_makehey is just so serene and calm.  Our tiny dots wall decal  used in a sparce layout adds just enough interest without interrupting the calm feeling that this space has. 


    8.  The lovely @tanahallows of @destinationnursery created this boho inspired nursery for this beautiful little lady and her mama.  The neutral palette is just so sweet and our tiny hand drawn hill decals added just a bit of interest.  

    9.  So this every clever mama, took two sets of decals and put them together in the best way!    @jesslika used our fun tiny confetti decals and geo cloud decal set to create a mural like feeling and I JUST LOVE IT!


    10.  I never would have thought to use our white decals on BLACK walls but oh my it just works so well!  Incredibly talented mama @ddletterpress made this nursery the talk of the town but using this black wall as the focal point.  Our  forest compilation wall decals add just a hint of whimsy and fun. 



    11.  Again, the lovely @thislittlelove_au created room MAGIC.  She created this beautiful nursery for a sweet family and little Milo.  She used our outlined triangles on this pale blue wall and it turned out beautifully.  

    12.  Tropical vibes in a nursery??!  Yes, please.  @sugarfreedesign uses color and graphic prints to make this space so fun and special.  Our fruity pebbles wall decals have never looked better!

    13.  Wonderfully monochrome inspired mama @ledgerandmajor created this lovely wall with our rounded triangles to create a graphic wall that is pretty amazing!

    14.  So how fun is this simple graphic nursery?!  Black is awesome and it is used so well through out this space.  @charlotte__gibbons used the perfect amount of pattern and color!  Our tiny hand drawn dots wall decals are used just so well. 

    15.  Last but certainly not least, @littlepeachhandmade created this gorgeously pink space for her little lady and it is just so gorgeous and understated.  Our tiny hand drawn dots  wall decals add just enough interest to this beautiful wall!